• Our Core Principles

    Our Core Principles

    Specialty Adjusting International was founded on the following principles and concepts:

    • Hard work
    • Integrity
    • Respect
    • Accuracy

    As an established Property & Casualty and Catastrophe independent adjusting company, SAI continues to expand its services to the insurance industry, establishing Appraisal and Dispute Resolution services to their clients.

    Our concept has always been based on providing timely, quality service to every client. SAI has grown from a small, regional, all lines adjusting company to a national adjusting, investigation, appraisal and dispute resolution entity. We represent insurance companies, self-insureds, third party administrators, carriers at risk and syndicates abroad.

    It is our goal to investigate and adjust all claims in a timely and accurate manner to serve your needs by providing prompt courteous service to the policyholder, as well as to identify and provide an accurate estimate of repairs.

  • Our Founder

    Nick Viamontes

    Nick Viamontes has been in the insurance claims business since 1971, when he started his career at the Auto Club of Southern California in Los Angeles, California as an inside claim processor. Within a year’s time, he rose to a supervisory position responsible for ten other inside adjusters, as well as assisting other field adjusters in translation and negotiation of personal injury claims.

    After moving to Florida in 1973, Nick worked as a field adjuster for Allstate Insurance Company in Palm Beach County. He was responsible for the initial investigation of bodily injury claims including taking written statements, photos and collecting necessary documentation for the eventual settlement of the claim.

    Subsequent to this, in 1978, Mr. Viamontes then entered the Independent Adjusting arena. He established his own adjusting company, representing major carriers such as Prudential Property & Casualty – PRUPAC and Metropolitan Property and Liability in the Miami-Dade area.

    In the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew, Nick had the opportunity to adjust hundreds of claims. Because he and his family were also victims of Hurricane Andrew’s wrath and endured the loss of their home, he moved his family and business to Jupiter, Florida.

    After re-establishing himself in the Jupiter, Florida area, in 1997, Viamontes Enterprises, Inc. was formed and became the parent company of Specialty Adjusting International, Specialty Adjusting Services and Specialty Appraisal and Dispute Resolution.

    Since that time, Mr. Viamontes has offered independent adjusting services to several Lloyd’s of London syndicates, Third Party Administrators as well as domestic insurance carriers and self-insured entities. In the process, Specialty Adjusting International has grown from serving just the South Florida area to now adjusting claims throughout the US.

    As a former Private Investigator, Special Process Server for the 11th Judicial Circuit Court in Miami-Dade County, Insurance Claims Adjuster for over 43 years, along with his bilingual skills, Mr. Viamontes has always represented his clients well in the highly competitive service business of insurance claims adjusting.

  • Our Policy

    Claim Assignment -Processing – Inspection

    All policyholders will be contacted by telephone within 24 hours upon receipt of assignment and an appointment will be set for the earliest possible date, not to exceed 72 hours. We have a bilingual staff, to help with proper assignment of claims.

    Priority will be given to extreme and more severe losses or specific high end accounts.

    • 24 Hour Insured Contact
    • 72 Hour Property Inspection
    • Immediate Reserve report to the carrier.

    All areas of damage, as well as areas indicating no involvement, will be inspected and photographed, including the interior and exterior of the risk. Because it is most essential, we take great care in adhering to all state mandatory statutory requirements, relating to keeping the policyholders apprised of the claim process.

    Submission of the first status report with reserves for all claims will be within the first ten days.  If all information is available within the first 10 days, we will issue a final report with final recommendations.

    This report will contain the following information:

    • Description of the loss and damage
    • Date of Contact and Date of Inspection
    • Approximate Reserves
    • Property Evaluation Report (determining co-insurance requirements)
    • Problems, coverage issues or questions to be addressed immediately
    • Expected course of action and anticipated closure date, recommendations if applicable

    In thirty days, either the closing or a status report with explanations will be submitted to our client. If claim continues, continued status reports will be submitted on a timely basis.